What would I want / need right now, if that was me?

August 12, 2021

One dull rainy Saturday morning in June Hubby found a baby possum on our driveway.

He’d gone outside to collect the newspaper and by the time he came inside and told me about it, possum had moved to the garden, safely sheltered by trees.

Hubby said let’s just leave it; I said no, we have to help.

So we got a cardboard box, a towel, and gardening gloves (trust me, you DO NOT want possum teeth or claws in you! Been there, done that!) and went back out to pick him / her up. We weren’t sure if he / she was injured but I figured a possum who didn’t move when we approached wasn’t at full health.

After calling the RSPCA for advice, I dropped our little guest to a local vet for a once over // for them to manage things from then on.

Over dinner Hubby, Mr 15 and I talked about it and even though Hubby hadn’t been keen to help initially he said he was glad we did the right thing in the end – and that I insisted!

Why share this?

A few weeks ago I shared my Passion Board with you. On it were words like connection, a picture of Mother Earth, and these powerful words:

“May all beings be happy and free, and may all my thoughts, words and deeds contribute to the happiness and freedom of all living creatures”.

I know helping a baby possum may not seem like that big a deal to many people, but it was a big deal to me and I’m glad we did what we did.

This is what bringing my Passion Board to life looks and feels like.

And it’s how we show other people that there really is good in the world. We need more of that than ever right now.

So you may not have a possum on your driveway but I guarantee there’s other ways you can help “contribute to the happiness and freedom of all living creatures”.

How to start?

Sink into your heart, place yourself in the same situation, and ask ‘What would I want / need right now, if that was me?’. Then you’ll instantly know what to do.

The next step? To act on the wisdom you receive. And that may be the hardest thing of all.

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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