My True North

April 30, 2020
Helen Joy Butler - True North quote

“What if I just stopped?

Stepped back?

Took time and a deep breath and a pause and said


Now I will be me.

Now I will disconnect from the noise, the pace, the signs, the messages floating around, and just be.

Just BE

Now I will slow down, to become more of who I truly am.

Now I will step back, until it’s time to step forward once more.

Now I will get off the treadmill, for as long as it takes.

For as long as I need.

What would that look like?

What would that feel like?

When I was ready I could step back into the world, on my own terms, as a woman of my own making.

Would that allow me to truly BE?

As I traverse this journey, this time in space, one I am here to be a part of, I choose peace. And I choose Sanctuary. On my own terms and with the people I choose to walk with by my side. Because I have the ability to oscillate my energy to support, nurture and cocoon me as well as the people I want – and need – beside me.

And what if I don’t want anyone beside me? To swift myself away to a private place of my own choosing – my bedroom, my garden, my mind, my meditation space? That too is a choice I actively make, for peace.

I’ve decided to sit in peace – because I know it will make an eventual return to our lives.

I’m not afraid of what peace looks like moving forward for me. Because I know the answer is as obvious as the nose on my face.

Peace for me is going inward.

It’s my only choice.

Why, you ask?

Because it’s by going inward I find more of me. I always have.

I’m not afraid of turning inward. I’m more afraid of what will happen if I don’t turn inward.

Don’t welcome myself home.

Don’t step forward and embrace peace on my own terms.

My life and my world are changing and for that I’m grateful. Because through it I will find / rediscover / connect even more deeply with my truth.

And I truly believe you will do the same – if you too choose peace.

So yes, I choose peace.

And I choose calm.

And I choose Sanctuary.

Actively. Purposefully. Energetically.

Each day I wake and each day I move forward on this quest.

It’s my True North, the place I call home.

It’s my Soul, my Body, my Home.

And as I grow and expand and welcome myself home, Home expands outward, embracing my community, my country, my world.

Because we are all one – and peace and calm and Sanctuary in me helps bring about peace and calm and Sanctuary in you.

So that is my focus for now.

For this is my real ‘work’ – and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer

These words came to me a few weeks ago. I was sitting on my bed reading and felt a wave of energy descend upon me. It’s at these times I know I have to get out my journal and write, that something important is about to be shared. My hope is that by sharing them with you today they help bring you some clarity and guidance at this time.

With much love,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearing® practitioner and #HSP Warrior


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