About Helen Joy Butler - Intuitive Professional Organiser and Elemental Space Clearer

Hi! I’m Helen Joy Butler, Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer.

In 2008 I opened Clutter Rescue, a Professional Organising business where I worked with my clients to declutter and organise their home – everything from offices to pantries, kids rooms to underwear drawers, book collections to garages.

Organising was my “thing”. I could listen to what my clients wanted from their home, help them draw out what was working and what wasn’t working, and create a system that worked beautifully for them and their family.

But as I probed and prodded the lives of my clients as well as my own, things changed. 

It wasn’t that I lost my organising skills – they were still there – but what I discovered was more than life changing.

You see, what I discovered on this journey was me.

Somewhere in the process of running a business and family I had lost myself.

Yes I could still do my job, yes I was still showing up each day for my clients to help them with their challenges, yes my household still ran smoothly, yes I was showing up in the world in the way I was expected to.

But it didn’t feel right.

I didn’t feel right.

I felt inauthentic and completely out of flow.

Something deep inside of me was yearning to be heard, if only I was quiet long enough to let it’s gentle whispering voice speak through the noise inside my head.

I know you can relate to this. I know that gentle whispering voice inside you has been silenced too and is yearning to be heard.

I know you’re working hard to keep everything together for your family, in your work, around your home. I know you show up in the world the way you’re expected to, even though some days you’d rather not. I know you’re starting to wonder how to get off this roundabout, to step into who your Higher Self knows you are, and live more in flow, more authentically, more honestly you.

I know what you’re doing isn’t working for you. That you’re feeling lost. That you’ve tried to change, to rediscover who you are, but that you’re still not quite there. That you’re ready to reignite that spark inside you, to shine brightly as your true Self, not the self you show to the world because it feels safe.

This self-work takes bravery.

I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise.

But if you know it’s time – time to re-discover who you truly are and make real lasting change – than please join me, because

I’m here to help you discover who you truly are – ALL THROUGH THE CONCEPT OF SANCTUARY.

Because I believe you can feel safe and nurtured in your home.

I believe you can have a real sanctuary to come home to, to rejuvenate in, to cocoon yourself away from the world, to charge and reenergise.

I believe if you care for your mind and body as much as you care for your home you will move closer to flow and be ready to take on the world!

I know that by shifting the vibration around you, by clearing the physical and energetic clutter from your home, your body and your life, you can bring in the energies you need to support you on this journey called life.

And that it in turn will lead you on a life journey you only ever dreamed about!

I know this might feel daunting and way too hard but please trust me.

I know you can do this!

I’ve been through the process (and many boxes of tissues!) and I know it is possible.

I know that at times the journey will be difficult and you’ll wish you didn’t sign up for it.

I know you’ll have people around you telling you you’re delusional and that it’s all in your head – and that you’ll have to pull on reserves deep inside you that you didn’t know you had.

But I also know that by living an intentional life through the concept of sanctuary you will fill yourself up in so many ways you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

So let’s do this! Let me help lift you up – through energy work and healing and decluttering and organising and connection and sanctuary – to shift you onto your path and back on track with your journey.

Let’s do this!

The other stuff

Helen Joy Butler is a Certified Elemental Space Clearer®, one of only a few in Australia to have studied under internationally renowned teacher and Hay House author Denise Linn. Helen blends practicality and spirituality in a way that brings true connection to her client’s life, all through the concept of sanctuary. By weaving a beautiful connection with sanctuary in the home, body and life, Helen helps her clients connect with their own version of sanctuary on a practical, emotional and spiritual level.

Helen has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary), Diploma in Education (Secondary) and is attuned to level 1 Reiki. Helen has worked at the coal face of teaching for ten years as well as at RMIT in Melbourne and the University of Queensland as an Instructional/Educational Designer. Helen has also taught first year teacher education students at RMIT how to integrate technology into their teaching.

Following her education career, Helen started her business Clutter Rescue and has worked with hundreds of women to declutter and organise every area of the home, as well as educating thousands of people online about organising, decluttering and living a balanced life.

Helen is an author, speaker, educator and healer who has been featured in a variety of national and international media, including Channel 10, The Huffington Post, Australian Home Beautiful, and local and national radio, newspapers and magazines.

You can contact Helen through her contact page or by email.

Helen Joy Butler - Certified Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner
Helen Joy Butler - AAPO Accredited Expert Professional Organiser
AusMumpreneur Service Business Finalist Award
AUSMUM17 Finalist image - Service Business Award - Helen Joy Butler

Reiki 1 Certificate - Helen Joy Butler


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